Fort Lauderdale Airport Runway Expansion

ZEI was contracted by Tutor Perini to Receive Concrete Debris, process, and crush to produce recycled aggregate material on site at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Run Way Expansion Project. ZEI Produced 3” minus Base material with an LBR greater than 100, Ballast Rock, #57 stone, and A-3 material from our concrete crushing operation. ZEI produce over 600,000 Cubic Yards that were used in the Airport Runway expansion project. Additionally, ZEI produced over 250,000 Cubic yards of LBR 40 embankment material onsite by receiving excavation material from various sources to blend and screen down to 3” minus. This operation saved the general contractor from having to pay for quarry material and the hauling to the site. ZEI was also contracted to excavate, haul, and dispose of 0ver 60,000 CY of soil mixed with trash from the site.